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Shuswap Lake is one of Canada's most beautiful lakes, and the perfect place for a vacation.

Boating, fishing, swimming and waterskiing are just a few of the watersports you can enjoy. Shuswap is also a wonderful place for golfing, hiking or just relaxing.

Here are a few useful Shuswap links:

Shuswap Lake Watch This web site contains information about temperatures, weather, and water levels for the Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada, during spring and summer.
Provincial Parks of the Shuswap Area
The beautiful area of the Shuswap has been enjoyed by visitors for years. Many years ago the Shuswap Indians, for whom the lake was named, travelled the waterways reaping the benefits of the large fish runs.

History Of North Shuswap

Human history in the North Shuswap began thousands of years ago with indigenous cultures. Before 1800, the lake supported over 2,000 natives.